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A New Beginning!

#iamexcited about sharing with everybody the New experience of starting in a new

location: 646 NE 79 st.

We never knew it would be so hard to move a whole restaurant....that's not entirely true...we knew it would be grueling work but the hardest thing to overcome was getting used to the new, better, bigger space!

After everything was moved and all was connected, our goal was to keep our image of the #neighborhoodlocalrestaurant so that our faithful customers would come to see us at the new location. We still have our tasteful and healthy food!#

#workingtogether with our customers and friends, we have slowly change the decor and look of the restaurant. We are also working on a #newmenu, and we now stay open later for dinner. Come visit, you'll love the new place!!!

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Marcela Castillo
Marcela Castillo
Jun 08, 2018

Looks good!

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